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Lisa and Nutriology

My name is Lisa Smith, and I am a functional nutritionist and senior lecturer at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine. Over the past 15 years of extensive clinical experience, I have developed a special interest in Neurodiversity, Eating Disorders and Distressed Eating.


My belief is that both mental and physical health requires a truly holistic approach tailored to your specific needs. However, all too often I find people are given recommendations based solely upon a diagnostic label,          or via a, ‘recommended protocol’ as opposed to the unique individual they are.

Thanks to new and ever-emerging research, the spotlight is being thrown on nutrition to help to support the neurodiverse individual combat any accompanying symptoms such as depression, low mood & anxiety, and to help those suffering from eating disorders, or distressed eating, to make positive steps in order to relax their relationship with food.

We are all different, but gaining some understanding of how and why your body reacts and responds to different situations, foods, lifestyles, stresses and environments can help identify and understand what nutrition means for you personally. Greater emphasis on replenishing the nutrients your body and brain require to function properly when life demands a lot, will help you to find a happier and calmer place.

In private practice, I actively work with individuals and corporate employees to improve health and performance by optimising diet and lifestyle. It is not all about strict, faddy diets, health foods and vitamin supplements. It’s about helping your body get the nutrients it needs to work properly in the world we live in: a busy, demanding and at times, stressful place.

Nutriology works with individuals, schools, businesses and organisations, to design nutrition and wellness programmes that help achieve improved health and performance levels. I will work alongside you, your organisation, or key individuals within your organisation, to design programmes that fit in with, and take account of, the demands of an individual's lifestyle, and help to restore wellbeing.

As part of my corporate activities, I have also worked closely with a Cognitive Neuroscientist, looking at how diet and lifestyle can influence the brain, moods and behaviour.

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